Typical Student

Our students are typically 18-25 years of age and likely had issues with ADHD, OCD, anxiety, depression, bi-polar, social anxiety, trauma, and dependency issue in the past. Though there has been a discrepancy between our students’ IQ and achievement on standardized assessments, they have received a high school diploma or GED with a desire to attend college.      

Typical Strengths Include:               

  •  Superior vocabulary               
  •  Advanced ideas and opinions  
  •  High levels of creativity and problem-solving ability                
  •  Extremely curious, imaginative, and inquisitive                
  •  Wide range of interests not related to school                
  •  Penetrating insight into complex issues                
  • Specific talent or consuming interest area and sophisticated sense of humor      

Typical Challenges include:             

  • Poor social skills                
  • High sensitivity to criticism                
  • Lack of organizational and study skills                
  • Poor performance in one or more academic areas                
  • Difficulty with written expression                
  • Stubborn     
  • Opinionated demeanor           
  •  High impulsivity                
  •  Possible speech impairment