Program Overview


  • You can take comfort in knowing that your team at College Evolution provides each student with 40 hours a week in structure and support. We have developed an extensive program called  PINES to promote success by addressing each students Physical, Intellectual, Nutritional, Emotional, and Social needs. 

Housing Support

  • Our program is a fully integrated program with other Freshman and UVU students who live in our student housing complex. Our students experience not only diversity in cultural aspects, but neurologically ones as well.  
  • Students reside in a sober-living apartment along with a residential assistant, where they will gain the skills they need to learn to live independently and become a successful college student.  

Academic Support

  • There are several options built into the student housing complex that support a successful and enjoyable college experience. We work collaboratively not only with the families and the students we serve, but with agencies and University resources experienced with college support.  
  • In addition to tutoring for specific subject matter students have regular meetings to enhance executive functioning skills coachto activities that focus on social and life skill development. 

Emotional Support

  • Group and individual help with building communication skills, researching and writing papers, developing social skills and other aspects of college with which most students struggle.  

Staff Support

  • Students receive help from Mentors, Therapists, Upper-classmen and other staff members with problems adjusting to their new college life. Staff will organize events and recommend courses that can be of great interest to those with obstacles such as autism and anxiety which can help individuals get out and make new friends, and experience success very early on in the college journey.